Active Video Twisted Pair Transmission
    • 3 position range switch for gain select on transmitter
    • 5 position distance range switch on Receiver
    • Built-in protection and ground lifting


  • System is integrated with alarm sensor (PIR, Magnetic, etc...) or RS485/422 data
  • Smart twisted pair transmission products are designed for CCTV signal transmission over unshielded twisted pair wire (CAT 5 network cable)
  • Active Video Transceiver (power required), transmission range color 1500 meters, B/W 2400 meters via CAT5 UTP cable
  • These smart cabling system transmissions are an alternative solution to coaxial and fiber based systems, providing the following benefits:
    • Fast, easy installation, saving time and money
    • Substantial savings on the cost of the cable itself
    • Superb quality on long range transmission
  • Three position range switch for gain select on transmitter
  • Five position distance range switch on Receiver, brightness adjustment, two video output
  • Built in transient protection and ground lifting


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VID-TV111ATT 1-Channel Active Video Balun Transmitter Price - Login
VID-RV111ATT 1-Channel Active Video Balun Receiver Price - Login
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