Central Management Server
    • Centralize User & Group Management,
    • Manage Global Display Groups
    • Monitor System Events
    • Generate Reports

CMS Series

Aventura's Central Management Server manages and controls Aventura and third party video encoding and decoding devices through a single platform.

The CMS-Series server provides centralized management for an Aventura surveillance and security network. The server maintains a database of system events, including but not limited to user actions, system errors, alarms and system events.

By using the system's centralized user and group management feature, administrators can control and access privileges throughout the system from a single location. Users and groups can also be managed using the CMS-Series server in conjunction with an Active Directory server. Permissions can be configured for all system functions, as well as on a per-camera basis for both live-viewing and recording.

Useful data can be pushed out to clients on login. Cameras from multiple DVR servers can be aggregated and presented to clients as a single, unified list of cameras. Global display groups can be created in order to give users pre-made logical camera groups for easy one-click viewing. E-Map configuration data can be distributed, along with alarm information and more.

The CMS-Series server has a redundant power supply with audible alarm, so if there is a power supply failure the unit will continue to operate while a new power supply is installed. The power supplies are hot-swappable while the unit is operating providing that one of the power supplies is installed and powered on at all times.

For additional redundancy, the CMS-Series server can be configured to run in a pair with another CMS-Series server, with one of the servers being designated the primary server. In the event of total failure of the primary server the secondary server would immediately take over, allowing for seamless continuity for users and administration.

Aventura CMS includes all video management software and perpetual license for unlimited users and devices.

  • Monitor & Control a Video Security Network through a Single Platform
  • Centralized User & Group Management
  • Camera Aggregation
  • Global Display Groups
  • Centralized Event Logging


CPU Intel i7 Six-Core
Video RAM 32 MB
Storage 4 TB
OS Windows 7 Professional
Removable Media DVD-RW
Video Display 1 VGA Out
LAN Redundant 10/100/1000
Input Device 106-Key USB Keyboard / Optical USB Mouse
Operating Temperature 25 ~ 110° F (-3.8 ~ 43.3° C)
Power Supply Redundant 650 W / 90 - 264 V
Weight 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Dimensions 1.75" x 19" x 27" (44 x 483 x 686 mm)
Chassis Type 1U Rackmount
Regulatory Type CE, FCC, UL
Encrypted Watermark AES / MD5
Safety Standards EN60950, UL1459
EMC Standards EN55022 Class-B, EN50082-1
FCC Part 15 Class-B, VCCI Class-2
Warranty 5 Years

Available Models

Part Number



CMS-SERIES-01 Enterprise Central Management Server, Six-Core Processor, 4 TB RAID Storage, and Redundant Power Supply Price - Login
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