Cerebrus Intelligent Video Analytics
    • People Counting, Vehicle Monitoring
    • Object Classification and Intrusion Detection
    • Left/Removed Object Detection
    • Loitering Detection
    • Tamper Detection


Aventura's Intelligent Video Analytics software has been designed to operate with both indoor and outdoor cameras, detecting a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. A comprehensive range of detection filters provide the means to discriminate the object behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene, meaning that classification is always accurate. Easy to set up, Aventura's Video Analytics Software automatically adjusts to the conditions it encounters, meaning that it is ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use, and can even be used within the home. This contrasts greatly with alternative software setups, which can have as many as 100 algorithm setup parameters just to adjust filters and adjust to lighting conditions. With factors such as this, it is easy to see that Aventura has been developed to produce real, working results, solely with the end-user in mind.

Although Aventura's Intelligent Video Analytics software is ready to use from the box, specific configuration requirements can also be made to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you need. Multiple overlapping detection zones and lines can be set, ensuring that no sight goes unseen and all information is on one screen. This is in conjunction with the supporting 3D scene perspective, which automatically discriminates between human and vehicle objects, while rejecting others. The rapid ‘learning time' of just two seconds also means that images are detected and classified almost instantly.

Aventura's Video Analytics Software offers:

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Auto Track Detection
  • People Counting
  • Left/Removed Object Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Classification Detection
  • Tamper Detection
  • Advanced Motion Detection

Intrusion DetectionPerimeter Intrusion Detection

Straight out of the box with no configuration, the Aventura IVA software acts as a presence sensor, alerting security immediately when a moving object is detected in the area covered by the camera. More sophisticated security policies can easily be configured, for example, by masking out a non-sensitive area or by enabling further rules that detect stopping or other defined behaviors in sensitive areas.

Direction of movement can be defined so that the system only generates triggers when individuals move in a particular direction across a zone, or only when they move into the zone but not when they leave it. Once the system has been calibrated, it can be set to avoid false alarms due to wildlife. For high-security applications, the system can alert operators when someone is loitering near the perimeter or approaching entrance gates after-hours.

Intrusion DetectionVehicle Monitoring

Parking and traffic regulations become much easier to enforce with the application of Aventura's Video Analytics, saving valuable staff time and avoiding disruption or dangerous situations due to speeding or illegal parking.

No parking zones may easily be marked out in the camera images, causing the operator to be alerted whenever a vehicle has stopped in this area for longer than a defined period. A compatible Video Management System can use the indexing information generated by Aventura's Video Analytics to immediately display video of the car stopping, allowing the driver to be identified and appropriate action to be taken swiftly. This technology can support the enforcement of parking regulations such as no parking zones, drop-off zones, pedestrian crossings and bus lanes.

Dangerous driving can also be dealt with rapidly, avoiding potential accidents and injuries. If a vehicle is reversing or driving the wrong way one-way systems can monitor wrong way traffic and will alert the security staff immediately. If a vehicle is reversing or driving the wrong way. Additionally, a speed limit can be set and alarms sent when a vehicle breaks this limit.

Vehicles can also be counted, allowing the monitoring of traffic levels throughout the day. This could be used to measure usage of a car park or number of customers visiting a drive-through business, or used in conjunction with speed measurements to measure traffic bottlenecks.

Abandoned or Removed Object Detection

Aventura's IVA software generates an alert highlighting an abandoned object, allowing Aventura's DVR/NVRs to immediately show footage of when the item appeared, allowing the owner to be identified and correct action to be taken.

Aventura's IVA can also ensure safety regulations are met. For example an operator can be alerted when a fire escape route is obstructed, when an item is left in a hallway, or safety sign is blocked.

Additionally the IVA software can identify when an object has been removed from a scene, providing effective protection of high-value items such as works of art, jewelry and expensive electronics or machinery.

People Counting

Aventura's IVA software can automatically collect statistics on customer behavior, enabling the cost-effective capture of valuable statistics to inform business decisions.

Making use of images from cameras trained on entry points to the store, the IVA software can record customer flow throughout the day with no human intervention. Retrospective averages of this data can be used to inform staff scheduling or choose best times for promotions). This information can also be used in real-time, such as immediately reacting to a sudden influx of customers by allocating extra staff to checkouts before the customers come to pay, anticipating and avoiding excessive lines. 

Loitering Detection

Loitering Detection

Individuals loitering in private areas are usually up to no good. They might be trying to gain access to the premises or to restricted areas, they might be spraying graffiti, they might be tampering with security equipment or many other dangerous situations. Aventura's IVA can draw the operators' attention to this suspicious behavior, enabling more effective monitoring of the CCTV system.

camera tamperingCamera Tampering and Failure Detection

Any CCTV security system is vulnerable to attack or image failure. Aventura's IVA software enables security staff to easily pinpoint and address cameras that are no longer providing effective coverage.

Cameras may be vandalized or may be attacked in a multitude of ways, to remove security coverage as a prelude to an attack. The view of the camera may be obscured using a plastic bag, the camera lens spray painted or the camera moved from its correct position. All of these attacks can be detected immediately by Aventura's IVA software and alarms are generated.


1 Year
System requirements:

CPU: Intel® Core i3 (Intel® Core i5 recommended)
RAM: Minimum 1GB (2 GB or more recommended)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32 bit or 64 bit**) and Windows Server 2003 (32 bit or 64 bit**), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit or 64 bit**), Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 bit or 64 bit**) and Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 bit or 64 bit**)
Graphics Card: AGP or PCI-Express, minimum 1024 x 768, 16 bit colors
Network: 100Mbps Ethernet
Software: Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework and DirectX 9.0 or newer

** Running as a 32 bit application

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