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A User's Guide to Digital Video Surveillance

Aventura History


Introduced voice and video over low packet networks technology for security, teleconferencing and  wireless mobile


Designs world’s first MPEG4 DVR  for video surveillance


Launched the world’s first enterprise DVR/NVR open standards non-proprietary platform supporting third party solutions


Introduced the world’s first solid-state mobile video surveillance DVR supporting up to 16 cameras
Introduced line of high resolution analog  cameras for extreme environments


Introduced the H.264AVC DVR technology to the security industry (baseline profile)
Introduces line of fiber transmitters, receivers and media converters


Teams with International Research Institute to further develop and market video encoders and decoders for surveillance using the H.264AVC platform


Released the world’s first 128-channell real-time DVR/NVR platform using H.264AVC
Designs advanced analog matrix switch which can control DVR’s from multiple manufacturers


Designed the world’s first 256-channel real-time hybrid DVR/NVR using the more advanced H.264AVC Extended Profile with IP camera support


Commenced production of the world’s first hybrid mobile DVR supporting both analog and IP  Megapixel cameras with onboard intelligence
Releases auto tracking wide-dynamic range intelligent auto-tracking pan/tilt/zoom camera


Releases hybrid hardware decoder supporting analog and IP cameras using MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 with advanced virtual matrix switching
Designs line of PoE and PoE+ compliant analog, IP and hybrid cameras with complimentary midspan devices
Launches the new H.264SVC (Scalable Video Coding) standard with advanced performance over predecessor H.264AVC


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