A User's Guide to Digital Video Surveillance


Security cameras are just that for security. Mounting locations are important for several reasons, some more obvious than others. If at all possible mount a camera that is out of physical reach. The concern is not always just physical reach but vandals at times will throw things at the camera, which will either break the camera or change the viewing direction. This is one of the reasons for using vandal-proof dome cameras. Not only is the camera location of concern but so is the wiring. If vandals can unplug a camera or cut a cable it’s the same result. The trade off on making a camera inaccessible is when you want to periodically clean the lens or protective cover.

The location is also important so that you may be able to have a proper viewing angle without obstructions.

One common mistake is not a vandalism issue but rather a lighting concern. Cameras that are exposed to the sun need to be properly positioned and “shielded” so that the camera is not pointed directly into the sun.

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