A User's Guide to Digital Video Surveillance


There are a variety of ways to deal with the security of the cameras in various environments. The problems you need to concern yourself with are – is the camera within physical reach of someone where they can easily either block the view of the camera (whether it be with spray paint, bubble gum or anything else), break it by hitting it with something, repositioning it so it is no longer viewing what it should or simply disabling it by unplugging it or cutting the line.

The use of dome cameras in indoor environments is a good remedy for most of these issues. If the dome camera is mounted into either a tile or a ceiling with the connections above, it is difficult for someone to easily tamper with it. Depending on which dome you buy, many are vandal proof lexan material so will withstand a good shot to it (not a gun shot!) and others even have tamperproof screws.

In the outdoor environment the cameras being mounted high enough alleviate many of the problems. The reason you put the cameras in an outdoor housing is for a few reasons. First, we already discussed the issue of weather. Next is the fact that if something gets on the lens it will easily obstruct the view. If something gets on the glass of the housing unit being that the housing unit is set a small distance away from the lens while it might still be obstructed you will still have a better view. Also if someone throws something at an exposed camera, the camera itself is susceptible. If a camera is mounted in a housing, it is just the housing that is susceptible, not an expensive camera.

Wiring a camera in outdoors environments requires the wires either inside the wall or inside conduit so that they are secure.

Some of these suggestions may not be required for simple installations, but are suggestions if you are concerned about these issues. There is no shortage of methods of vandalism, where un-secure cameras can be altered to negate what you are attempting to monitor. A standard camera mounted in a store that is supposed to be watching employees is minimally moved with a broom each day without any notice. After a week or two the camera may be pointing completely elsewhere, there are innumerable stories.

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