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I.V.A.C.S 360

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  • 360 degree viewing angle
  • Live PTZ Control
  • Playback PTZ Control
  • Motion Detection and Alarms
I.V.A.C.S 360


Are You Seeing The Whole Story?
Aventura Technologies I.V.A.C.S. 360 is a revolutionary camera that introduces go back in time scene investigation previously impossible with any kind of CCTV equipment. I.V.A.C.S 360 provides total situational awareness. I.V.A.C.S 360 monitors the entire 360° field of view all of the time with no blind spots, regardless of the user selected views. I.V.A.C.S 360 provides complete emulation of a standard analog dome camera and seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV installations for easy retrofit (2 BNC Connector Video Outputs) and communicates with standard PTZ keyboards. You can have everything the camera does (including the time machine) without any change to your existing CCTV system. No new software or new upgrades to your DVR or PCs are required. You can view and control the camera and operate the time machine from any where in the world using your existing network capable DVR.
I.V.A.C.S. 360 Replaces up to 8 Cameras
I.V.A.C.S. 360 replaces up to 8 cameras because it sees 360 degrees all the time. It has two (2) BNC outputs and you can view 4 camera images on each of the monitors connected to the system. That's 7 fewer cameras to purchase, install, cable, and maintain. More importantly, there's now only one camera to review after an event or crime has occurred (not eight), and with no blind spots. Plus, the I.V.A.C.S. 360 has no moving parts; it is completely silent and the lens is smaller than the size of a sprinkler head.
Integrated Intelligent Motion Tracking
I.V.A.C.S. 360 offers sophisticated motion tracking built into the camera. When a person enters the camera's 360 degree field of view, I.V.A.C.S. 360 can automatically follow them wherever they go. Even if they hide behind an object or reappear in another location, the camera will instantly acquire them and follow their action anywhere in the camera's 360 degree field of vision. In an unmanned CCTV installation, I.V.A.C.S. 360 guarantees that the event is being recorded and won't occur off camera.
The Time Machine
When an operator isn't present, any zoom camera (e.g., a 35x zoom PTZ) becomes just a 1x camera. With any other camera, you simply can't zoom in on a recording after the fact. You can enlarge the image digitally but this results in pixilation and loss of picture clarity. By adding the Time Machine component, the I.V.A.C.S. 360 can go back in time, position the camera where you weren't looking and then allow you to optically zoom 4x after the fact! Not enlarge, but actually zoom in 4x with no loss of picture quality. This can be done on the still or moving images.
Automatic Threat Detection
The I.V.A.C.S. 360 automatically detects left luggage and other suspicious items, object removal and scene change (e.g., a closed door being left open). It can automatically track up to 75 objects at the same time and instantly alert an operator of a potential threat. One camera can watch 75 paintings in a museum at the same time. The I.V.A.C.S. 360 is capable of learning a particular scene. Once the scene has been stored to memory any objects that are removed from the template scene shall cause and alarm and the culprit will be tracked. I.V.A.C.S. can also observe things such as doors being improperly left open or anything else that changes in the scene from the learned image. I.V.A.C.S. 360 can automatically and simultaneously track up to 75 objects and instantly alert an operator of a potential threat. One camera for example can watch 75 paintings in a museum at the same time.
Full 360° Remote Viewing
The I.V.A.C.S. 360 Viewer is a very easy to use Windows™ PC application for remote live viewing, playback analysis and archiving the 3 mega pixel 360° high resolution video. Investigate any event offline and offsite as though having the full control of the camera at the time of the event. Requires a single Ethernet connection to the I.V.A.C.S 360 DVR. Includes the ability to save high resolution 360° clips to a self contained DVD. Remote viewing and clip download do not interrupt live nor the recording mode of the I.V.A.C.S 360.

Easy Integration
You can have everything the camera does (including the time machine) without any change to your existing CCTV system.  Aventura's I.V.A.C.S. 360 has standard PAL/NTSC analog outputs, RS485 PTZ control and alarm I/O.  No new software, upgrades to your DVR or PCs are required.  It just plugs into existing systems and goes to work. You can view and control the camera and operate the time machine from anywhere in the world using your existing network capable DVR. 
  Works Like a PTZ Dome
The I.V.A.C.S. 360 has all the features you expect of a high end pan, tilt, zoom dome camera: preset, tours, learned tours, sectors, privacy, automatic white balance, auto gain, auto exposure, time zones, home positions and much more.

Video Standards NTSC / PAL
Virtual Cameras 4 Fully independent ePTZ cameras
PTZ Fully featured PTZ (ePTZ)
Camera Control Most standard analog PTZ controllers supported
Lens 360° x 172° Field of View
Image Sensor 3 Mega pixel
Effective Pixels 1726 x 1536
Sensitivity •Color: 2.0 lux
•Black & White:0.2 lux
Zoom Live 4x (optical equivilant) up to 7x with no loss of detail
Zoom Playback 4x (optical equivilant) up to 7x digital
Day / Night Automatic or manual
Image Processor Aventura 3D TeraOPS Visual Processor
Frame Rate 11.88 FPS Live
1, 2, or 4 on Playback
Motion Detection Variable sensitivity, selectable regions of interest (Optional Object Tracking available)
Video Outputs •2 x analog 75 W coax
•1 x RJ45 100 Mbit
Alarms •4 Alarm inputs
•2 Alarm outputs
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 7.28 in x 5.71 in (185 mm x 145)
Weight 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)
Power Supply External, 12VDC
Operating Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)


1 Year


Part number



IVACS360-C-3MP I.V.A.C.S 360 Camera (3 Mega Pixel Model) Login
IVACS360-R I.V.A.C.S 360 Recorder (Time Machine) Login
IVACS360-VA I.V.A.C.S 360 Video Analytic Modules (Object Tracking, Museum Mode, Left Luggage) Login
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