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Explosion Proof
Wind Proof
While Indoor/Outdoor systems are adequate for most applications, Visionary™ Systems are available for use in a variety of environments.
Optical & Illuminator
Thermal Only
Thermal & Optical
Optical Only
Thermal, Optical, & Illuminator
Illuminator Only
Optical cameras can see both visible-light and near-infrared. Infrared illuminators enable optical cameras to see when no ambient light is available. Thermal cameras see only infrared heat.
Motorized Pan/Tilt
A motorized pan/tilt mechanism allows cameras to be remotely controlled and turned to view targets in various directions.
Analog cameras use traditional BNC connectors while IP cameras transmit over ethernet networks.
Optical Lens
3.4~122.4 mm (36x)
4.7~94 mm (20x)
10~200 mm (20x)
17~370 mm (22x)
23~500 mm (22x)
30~750 mm (25x)
12.5~1500 mm (60x / 2x)
16.7~2000 mm (60x / 2x)
The longer the focal length, the further a camera can see. The zoom number is the difference between the longest and shortest focal length.

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Thermal Camera
320 x 240
7.5 mm (40° FOV)
19 mm (16° FOV)
35 mm (9° FOV)
50 mm (6° FOV)
65 mm (5° FOV)
100 mm (3° FOV)
640 x 480
14 mm (44° FOV)
17 mm (37° FOV)
25 mm (25° FOV)
35 mm (18° FOV)
50 mm (12° FOV)
65 mm (9° FOV)
100 mm (6° FOV)
25~150 mm (6x)
25~225 mm (9x)
Shorter focal lengths provide wider fields of view, but limit the range at which objects can be detected.

Estimate with our Range Calculator.
100m IR LED
300m IR Laser
500m IR Laser
1km IR Laser
1.5km IR Laser
2km IR Laser
3km IR Laser
Infrared illuminators are like invisible spotlights, allowing IR sensitive cameras to see in total darkness.

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