Strategic Planning
Security Audits
The planning process begins with threat assessment and security audits. Aventura achieves its goal with comprehensive evaluations of existing security measures, systems and procedures to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for limiting losses and minimizing facility continuity interruptions.

Master Plannning
Following a careful audit and analysis process the master plan is initiated. We develop an enterprise-wide security plan addressing the requirements of the project and combining effective architecture, operating procedures and security systems into an integrated plan. Our approach is to reduce capital operating and maintenance costs while meeting established security performance standards.

Emergency Response
As part of an overall plan we define procedures for emergency response. Action plans are conceived with workflow and doctrine accounting for any type disaster, emergency or event.

Operational Planning
We analysze and evaluate an organization's security manpower needs and develop appropriate control solutions using combinations of security management, investigative, in-house and outside guard service personnel.
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