Experience the power of H.264


2x more efficient than MPEG-4 Part 2 (natural video) encoding

File SIze

3x smaller file size than comparable MPEG-2 encoders

Download Time

Faster download time

Higher Quality

Substantially higher quality video (SNR)

No Motion Blurring

No fast motion blurring inherent in MPEG-4 (advanced motion compensation)


Anticipates error-prone transport over mobile networks

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MPEG4 vs H.264

Aventura tilizes the latest industry standard (ISO/ITU) video compression technology known as H.264. H.264 uses a fully optimized algorithm based on  Digital Signal Processor ( DSP ) technology. Display and recording of video and audio are in real-time and fully synchronized in both modes. Video feeds are directly transmitted from the  video capture card to the display frame buffer and the compressed stream data is directly sent to the host's memory. The transmission process doesn't need any intervention from the host computer's CPU, greatly saving resources of the host computer's processor.  The result is flawless images and sound regardless of how many channels are being monitored or reviewed.

The  Aventura solutions features Oggvorbis audio, equivalent to MP3 quality.  Compared to the prior generation MPEG4 and MPEG2 technologies, the H.264 video quality  is significantly better . Despite the higher quality  enhanced video the h.264 file size is 25% smaller than MPEG4 ,  50% smaller than MPEG2 and exponentially smaller than MJPEG .

As opposed to the 10 year old MPEG2 and 7 year old MPEG4 standards the H.264 codec used by Aventura was designed with security in mind. So read on and experience the power of H.264. Seeing and hearing truly is believing.

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