Xpanse by Aventura is a robust digital video wall controller delivering the ultimate in graphical power for enterprise customers. Display virtually any type of video or data source on a multitude of wall configurations. Xpanse outputs up to 40 displays and supports edge blending of projection devices. The flexible open architecture supports everything from 3D displays to direct output of IP cameras with ONVIF compliance license-free. The server/client architecture allows for secure remote deployments.

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XPANSE Hardware

Xpanse video wall controllers are available in both 3U and 4U RAID configurations featuring Intel Xeon 6 core processing. Video is powered by the latest processors from Matrox. Up to 16GB of onboard RAM assures no bottlenecking. The graphical power onboard can support over 150 million pixels with single image displays of 4096 x 2160 pixels. Enterprise grade components means the ultimate in reliability with an MTBF in excess of 100,000 hours

XPANSE Software

Xpanse is managed by license-free client application software, which can be operated from a PC, smartphone or tablet device. The feature rich intuitive software solution provides a bevy of features for an array of environments. Drag and drop, stretch and arrange matrixes to desired layouts, which can be saved as presets. Command, control and collaborate functionality allows network users to manage and share visual information from remote devices.

Drag and Drop Configuration HDMI
Save and Retrieve Layouts DVI
Send Desktops to Display Walls VGA
Virtual Extended Desktop BNC
Schedule Tasks RGB
Scrolling Text SDI
Multimouse Function S-Video
Offsite Display Control Ethernet
Smartphone and Tablet Support Dual Link
Media Cropping DisplayPort
Desktop Shortcuts Composite

As an end-to-end solution provider
Aventura offers an array of products and technologies to equip clients for complete turnkey control rooms from display walls to consoles.

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